You may have decided that you wish to do a healing course and wonder what is meant by personal or inner development that forms part of fundamental healer training. You may also wish to check that such development forms part of the training course you have chosen. Alternatively you may wish to attend a shorter and less intense course for personal use.

What is meant by inner development?

Inner (also called spiritual/personal) development is about getting to know oneself on ever deeper levels. Working with subtle energies opens up whole new world, not just in theory but in regard to one’s life and the practical understanding of the fact that we are highly complex beings of energy. It involves, amongst other, recognising and dealing with our inner issues and realising that we create our own reality to a large extent. It also brings insights into the reason for one’s existence which in turn enables one to create and manifest with more ease for one’s personal and the collective benefit. Ultimately, inner development can be called ‘The Healer’s Path’ since it is a continuing journey.

Why is inner development important?

The channelling of energies forms an important part of a healing session. Healers can, however, only channel energies to the level of their own vibration, which means their own energetic makeup. This means that the energies channelled by a person who suffers from difficult emotional, mental or other issues are very different from the energies channelled by someone who is mostly balanced and at peace. Working with subtle energies does ‘accelerate’ inner development, because they often highlight our inner gremlins to the point that we have to address these. This is incidentally also the reason why healers are careful not to use too many techniques, crystals or other tools during a healing session, since this could trigger a serious healing crisis.

How does inner development relate to our energy systems?

Much has been written about our auric field and the energy systems within it. It is, however, a practical understanding of this that is essential. Perceiving the auric field and the various systems within ourselves and others, and being able to address issues where appropriate is what healing is about. Understanding more about our energetic make up and how we can move through our experiences with more ease forms part of inner development.

How long does it take?

Inner development is an ongoing process, ultimately leading to what is termed enlightenment. This can only be achieved through experiencing and mastering life to ever greater degrees. This obviously takes time but there is no hurry! Is it difficult? Some say that this is one of the hardest roads one can take because inner development involves taking responsibility for and dealing with our ‘shadow side’. On the other hand it is also the most rewarding path because it leads to ever more joy, light and wisdom, to mention just a few qualities. Every single person on the planet is developing naturally. Training and working as a healer, or attending an inner development course just accelerates this process.

Inner development and religion.

FSEM schools do not teach in the name of any religion, biblical figures or icons.  Schools/tutors must also not purport to channel wisdom given via biblical or historical individuals. Inner development is a process which is personal to each individual.

Inner development and short courses.

A number of FSEM schools offer short courses and workshops for those who wish to explore how subtle energies can enhance their personal and professional life. These courses are suitable for everyone and include subjects such as self-healing, self-care, meditation, inner wisdom, how to be more effective in practice and how to manifest successfully. For more information please contact relevant schools directly.

Questions to ask before committing to a course.

Before committing to a healing course it is worthwhile to ask the course tutor or school about the subject of inner development and how they approach this aspect of healer training. Equally, find out what course of action is available should a student find it problematic to cope. Should you have any queries or wish for further information, please feel free to contact us.

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