Communicating with Crystal Consciousness for Healing

Saturday 30th June- Saturday 7th July 2018 Findhorn, Scotland with Robert Burlinson

In this workshop you will learn the practical as well as energetic side of working with crystals. You will discover how to attune to the mineral kingdom and the subtle realms, as well as how to heal yourself, your environment and the planet. The week will include profound meditations, healings and work outdoors in nature all within the magical environment of Findhorn. All crystals are provided on the workshop for you to experience.



VHF Light in Ireland Project 
Clear Quartz Weekend

This unique weekend workshop will take place on the weekend of 26th/27th May in Culdaff, a village on the Inishowen peninsula of County Donegal, Ireland. Culdaff is one of the most Northern villages in Ireland, boasting beautiful beaches and also a number of ancient monuments. For those of you visiting from abroad, it may be worth considering combining this weekend of Light Work with a small holiday to explore these special surroundings. For more information go to www.vibrationalhealingfoundation, click on enter and then on the Clear Quartz Weekend information.

VHF 2 Year Diploma Course in Subtle Energy Medicine

The next VHF diploma course starts June 9/10 and is taking place in the Etna Centre. For further information please email VHFLondon@aol.com.