Healing sessions are offered by volunteer student healers as well as fully qualified healers. Student healers are all well into their second year of training and fully supervised. Qualified healers have trained to far above the national standards and are accredited by the FSEM. All healers follow a strict code of conduct set by The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.

Why Experience These Therapies

Crystal and Energy Therapy can help motivate the natural self-healing process, inherent in every individual. They can support the recovery of existing symptoms and address stress-related conditions. The healing process works on every level and often the benefits can extend to helping restore greater balance and harmony within your life.

What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy is a holistic therapy that assists the restoration of health and well-being. It is non-invasive and focuses on the subtle energies of the individual rather than on physical symptoms alone. This means that the underlying causes of problems are addressed, which is why it is a complementary therapy to conventional medicine and not an alternative.

What is a Session Like?

You may either sit or lie down during the session, whichever you find most comfortable. The healer will take you through a brief relaxation exercise and then commence the healing. During the healing the healer will place their hands a short distance away from your body. As the energy flows, you may

experience some warmth or coolness. For some, the effects are subtle; others can experience profound emotional and mental releases. At the end of a session, the therapist will ensure you are back to a state of wakefulness.

What is Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing follows the same format except crystals are placed on or around the body to focus thehealing more specifically according to the individual’s needs. This is a more specialised form of healing and all our healers are trained to precisely match the right crystals and healing techniques to you.

If you wish to book a private session in any of the therapies that the Federation offers, please speak to the clinic receptionist.

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