Federation of Subtle Energy MedicineThe Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM) is an accrediting umbrella for Subtle Energy Therapy schools. It also regulates its practitioner membership.

Therapies include:

  • Subtle Energy Medicine to practitioner and specialist levels
  • Crystal Healing/Therapy
  • Energy Healing/therapy
  • Bach Flower Remedies 
  • Stress Healing
  • De-stress Therapy
  • Teacher Training Course for Subtle Energy/Healing work

FSEM includes member schools that offer short courses in regard to inner development, ancient wisdom, self-healing and life skills through subtle energy awareness for everyday life.

The FSEM viewpoint is that the therapies it represents evaluate and address the subtle anatomy (the auric field and the systems situated within it) of a client and not the physical body. Practitioners regard the diagnosing and treating of physical symptoms and/or disease as the responsibility of conventional and alternative medicine. They are, however, highly competent in what is termed subtle energy work, in the knowledge that a balance on those levels may also be of benefit to an individual as a whole. This is why these therapies can be likened to subtle health care, which complements the medical approach.

The level of expertise that FSEM upholds and promotes is reflected in the minimum training standards that member schools and colleges adhere to. In addition to generic standards, those in regard to subtle energy work are numerous and detailed. Practitioners must adhere to a strict code of conduct that in addition to usual benchmarks includes respecting strict boundaries between subtle energy medicine, alternative medicine and conventional medicine. There is as yet no scientific evidence that validates the subtle energy medicine therapies and most other complementary and alternative therapies. Hopefully this will change in the not too distant future. Please note that all information on this website has been prepared with the utmost integrity by highly experienced practitioners, specialist and teachers in the field.

The website is designed to help members of the public find an accredited school or registered practitioner whilst providing information and increasing awareness.

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