The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM) accredits training schools and the therapists who have qualified with these schools. Schools and practitioners work to specified high level of training and practicing standards which were set and maintained for more than 20 years. During that time they were also upgraded as and when required. There is a strong focus upon practical knowledge and experience, so that all FSEM members are able to practice with confidence and expertise.

FSEM accreditation was established in order to provide the public with the best possible care, protect the integrity of the therapies in question and to give practitioners recognition for their considerable skills.

Watch this video about standards of training and practice.


FSEM SCHOOL LOGO Gold StandardFSEM schools principals have completed the FSEM recognised teacher training, inner development and other post graduate courses. Tutors also have a minimum of five years practicing experience in the therapies they teach. On starting a therapy training school tutors work closely with a mentor to ensure students experience high standards of tuition.

FSEM Member Schools presently offer part-time training in:

  • Subtle Energy Medicine: Practitioner Training; 2 years and Specialist; 4-5 years
  • Crystal and Energy Healing/Therapy: Practitioner training; 2 years
  • Energy Healing/Therapy: Practitioner Training; 2 years
  • De-Stress Therapy: Practitioner Training; 18 months
  • Teacher Training in the Healing Arts: approx. 9 to 12 months

For a list of schools please visit the FSEM Schools page.


FSEM PRACTITIONER LOGO Gold StandardFSEM practitioners all have completed the recognised training for their therapy and work to a strict code of conduct. In addition to this they are expected to complete a minimum of 20hrs continual professional development annually to retain their membership.

FSEM Practitioners presently offer:

  • Subtle Energy Medicine: Practitioner and Specialist Level
  • Crystal and Energy Healing
  • Energy Healing
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Stress Healing
  • De-Stress Therapy

For more in depth information on each discipline please visit the FSEM Accredited Therapies page.


FSEM_Logo ASSOCIATEAssociate member schools are run by FSEM accredited tutors that have a minimum of 10 years post graduate experience in the healing arts. These schools focus is mainly on self-healing and inner development, which is why they do not offer practitioner diploma courses, but instead offer, shorter non-certificated courses. Please note that the facilitators all hold an FSEM recognised therapy qualification, an FSEM teacher training qualification and work to FSEM standards.

For more information please visit the FSEM Schools Page

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