ABOUT THE FEDERATION OF SUBTLE ENERGY MEDICINEThe Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM), formed in 1998, has set and maintains a high standard of training and practice in the therapies it accredits. Its member schools also offer courses on inner development, ancient wisdom, meditation, life skills through energy awareness and many other related subjects. All tutors are highly dedicated and have many years of experience in the subjects they teach. They all have completed the FSEM teacher training course in addition to their other qualifications.

All practitioners on the register have completed a minimum standards of two years training. In addition to this, a further two years leading to a specialist qualification are also available for those who wish to broaden their skills and knowledge. A post graduate fifth year may then be attended as CPD. Collectively this equates to 450hrs tutor led tuition over a minimum of five, but usually more years which to date is unique in the UK.
FSEM school and practitioner members all work and adhere to a strict code of conduct, practice and ethics, in order to help promote professionalism and effectiveness within the therapies it represents, as well as the ‘healing movement’ in general. Members work in close co-operation, harmony and goodwill, maintaining individual styles and expertise whilst adhering to the set standards.

A further aim of the organization is to provide an optimum service to the public whilst guarding the integrity of its therapies and thereby the proficiency of its practitioners. The website is designed to help members of the public find an accredited school or registered practitioner whilst providing information and increasing awareness about the healing arts. 
FSEM is also a founder member of Subtle Health International (SHI)

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